Commercial Support

Contract Development

If you are in need of functionality not yet available within the Snowfox Project you can consider contracting LXRobotics for developing the feature. Since LXRobotics is the creator of the Snowfox Project our deep knowledge of the codebase and its architecture allows us to add new features swiftly and efficiently.

Support Contract (2.000,00 € per month, excl. VAT)

If you are looking for a long-term engagement and guaranteed availability a support contract is a good option for you.

  • 48 hours of consulting services per year (development, support, etc.)
  • Priority GitHub issues, so your issues are addressed first
  • Large company logo and link on the sponsors section of this website

Free Support

If you are encountering a bug, have a feature request or need support you are kindly invited to create a issue on GitHub. Please be aware that the the Snowfox Project is the brainchild of LXRobotics, a one man consultancy/contract development company for embedded systems run by Alexander Entinger who besides running the day-to-day business of LXRobotics while constantly working on improving the Snowfox Project, is also husband to a fantastic wife and father to wonderful daughter and therefore has to prioritize where and how to spend his time.

This means that you might have to wait on the resolution of your issue. You can reduce that time by diligently filling out the issue template which has the added benefit of showing your consideration for the wellbeing of the people running this project. If waiting is not an option please consider paying for the feature development or getting a support contract.