Open Source License

Snowfox is and always will be licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0. Snowfox is free under this license and can be used and distributed under its terms.

The freedom that the GNU GPL v3.0 license offers comes with responsibilities and side effects that are not always desirable. This is especially the case if you want to integrate Snowfox in your closed source product and/or don’t want your customers to know that your product contains Snowfox.

As an alternative, Snowfox can be made available under a commercial license. Under the commercial license, Snowfox does not contain any references to the GNU GPL v3.0.

Commercial License

License Base Price: 10.000,00 € (EUR) (excl. VAT)

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A commercial license is non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free and paid for with a single fee for one product. A commercial license entitles you to most further development and improvement of the Snowfox code.

Tech4Peace License

Despite tremendous advances in technology worldwide peace seems more elusive than ever. Once thought to be a force of liberation technology is increasingly used as a tool for oppression. Under the Tech4Peace License LXRobotics is granting a free commercial license to anyone using Snowfox to build technology intended to make worldwide peace a reality.

The paper crane is a japanese symbol for peace and hope due to the story of Sadako Sasaki popularized in the novel Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.